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✨my self-care resolution✨

✨my self-care resolution✨

Jan 18, 2021

hello! this is my first time joining an art prompt on instagram and i'm so excited to partake in it (esp. when it's for a meaningful cause!), so here's my first entry for week 1 of #selfcareartfest2021 !💞

who wants to get enough sleep and sleep on the right time?ヾ(´∩`)ノ ME! i've been taking care of my dark circles since last year, and guess what??? i almost look like a panda now, but pandas r cute sooo乁༼❛ ᴗ ❛✿༽ㄏ anw, last year was really exhausting, that's why let's take it easy this 2021! and pls know that ✨you've done your best, so you deserve some rest✨

btw, you may also participate in this lovely event by using the hashtag #selfcareartfest2021 on ig! see you thereEe~💞

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