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✨my self-affirmation✨ & ✨my new mantra✨

✨my self-affirmation✨ & ✨my new mantra✨

Jan 27, 2021

here's my entry for week 4 of #selfcareartfest2021 and #newyearnewprompt2021!♡

this is to remind my doubtful self that i'm appreciated on whatever i do. i have a long list of uncertainties and one of them is choosing the right path for my future. but i've found out that even though you're firmly resolute on going your own path, somewhere on your journey, you'd be unconfident about what future holds. that's why i want to put my trust in myself and try to do my best because doing just that makes me want to appreciate myself more.

i forgot that there's a missing letter on ap-peach-iated, i apologize about that. (˃͈ – ˂͈ ༶ )

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