Probably this is the most significant up ...

Probably this is the most significant update of Motivate Clock since 2012

Mar 17, 2022

Probably this is the most significant update of Motivate Clock since 2012. But what else to do, even if WinAmp is going to come back this year πŸ™€ Almost all changes are "under the hood", but we have some noticeable changes:

  • Fixed PDF report accuracy;

  • Fixed app height;

  • Added ability to add URLs such as localhost;

  • Improved performance of stat displaying;

  • Added options for configuring app color;

  • Minor UI changes;

  • Project statistics can't be reset;

  • Export statistics to PDF does not work for Manual projects;

  • Time does not stop counting if OS goes into sleep/hibernate mode;

  • Buttons Work/Rest/Pause are not active in the tray menu if the current project is "Manual mode tracking";

  • The project name does not save after rename if the project is not current;

  • Occasionally NaN is indicated instead of percentages in a PDF report;

  • "Manual mode tracking" project keeps tracking time even if the app is in pause mode;

  • All processes in statistic display as "Rest" for "Manual mode tracking" projects;

  • Feature "Working hours" has been disabled for PDF reports. But kept intact for the application;

  • Replace default Adobe AIR installer with the custom installer for OS Windows;

  • Menu All/Work/Rest in statistics doesn't disable in case Manual Mode project;

  • Code sing certificate has been revoked by the certification company;

  • Tab "Work" in Statistics displays applications don't relate to work;

  • Application loses ~5 minutes of tracked time after OS reboot in case Manual Mode projects;

Download Motivate Clock 1.6.4 for Windows:

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