How To Wheel: Bald Eagle State Forest

How To Wheel: Bald Eagle State Forest

Jun 06, 2024

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Welcome to Bald Eagle State Forest: The Ultimate Overlanding Guide!

Join us on an exciting adventure as we explore the vast and rugged beauty of Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania. Covering 195,000 acres across five counties, this forest is a haven for overlanders, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In this video, we cover:

  • Location and History: Learn about the central location of Bald Eagle State Forest, named after Native American Chief Bald Eagle, and its rich history, including the preserved old-growth forest in the Snyder-Middlesworth Natural Area.

  • State Parks and Natural Areas: Discover the three state parks (Poe Valley, Poe Paddy, and R.B. Winter) and the unique natural areas within the forest.

  • Recreation Opportunities: From ATV trails and drivable 4x4 trails to hiking, biking, horseback riding, and snowmobiling, we highlight the many recreational activities available.

  • Camping and Provisions: Get tips on finding the best campgrounds and provisions, including recommendations for local stores like Homan’s General Store in Potters Mills.

  • Overlanding Tips: Navigate the forest with ease using Purple Lizard maps, and learn the importance of offline maps due to inconsistent cell service. Discover natural springs for potable water and restroom facilities at picnic areas and state parks.

  • Top Tips for Success: Understand why making reservations for campsites is crucial, especially on weekends, and learn how to enjoy the forest even when it's popular.

Bald Eagle State Forest offers a perfect blend of adventure, serenity, and natural beauty, making it a top destination for overlanding and outdoor recreation in Pennsylvania. Whether you're here for the trails, the views, or the tranquility, there's something for everyone.

Don't miss out on this ultimate guide to overlanding in Bald Eagle State Forest!

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