Suzanne Ciani - Help, Help, The Globolin ...

Suzanne Ciani - Help, Help, The Globolinks!

Mar 02, 2024

2024, March 2nd: Help, Help, The Globolinks! by Suzanne Ciani is the sound of sci fi. A subtle, experimental recording dealing with a theme of other world beings. An audio interpretation, if you will, of their communications with each or an attempt to directly verbalize thier thought’s to us, represented in the use of synthesizers.

There is a light sound bed of strange waves with sudden bursts of announcement and sound interpretations of descending, ascending, communication, building and beyond. It seems totally playful but there are a few moments of shock that erupt to remind us this is no laughing matter.

Suspense, curiosity, a willingness to discover and to proceed with caution. Even when they sound harmless, we should all remember the trouble we have experienced with Tribbles.


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