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015 Preview: Metamorfosize Concert Behin ...

015 Preview: Metamorfosize Concert Behind the Scenes Ep. 02

Apr 17, 2021

This is part 2 of the "Behind the Scenes" series, which delves deeper into the various processes that enabled us to create the performance piece titled "Integrating the Masculine and the Feminine".

If you are considering doing a performance on a Zoom webinar, this could be an interesting resource to check out, as it shows in great detail the various features and technicalities that we had to take into consideration to create what we wanted. You'll get to see us deal with various problems as they arose and how we worked out solutions for each of them, which could be very useful for your own productions :)

And if that is not something you need right now, you can simply enjoy the various "rehearsals" we did, the spontaneous banter and humor that popped up here and there, and have a closer look as to what went on behind the scenes. We hope you enjoy it!

Preview of the final performance piece:

Preview of Behind the Scenes ep. 02 (become a member and watch the full version!)


Gemiah Kurzfeld (USA)

Valencia Selestina (Indonesia)


Daniel Berkman (USA)

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