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In case you missed it: Season#1, Ep#1

In case you missed it: Season#1, Ep#1

Jun 11, 2021

Selina Lamy is one of the eleven ‘Buddhist Millionaires’ I interviewed for the book ‘How to be a Buddhist Millionaire’.  

For those who are new to this concept, you neither have to be a Buddhist, nor a millionaire, although you may.  What is essential is that you are enjoying meaningful profitable work of which you are passionate.    

Selina Lamy is one of those wonderful people.  In this episode we discuss:   

Windswept and broiling: the luxury of having time to enjoy your life  The courage to say ‘No’  Dealing with the ‘Messy Middle’: how to get through those difficult times when transitioning from the life you have to the life you desire And much more...   

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