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Sharing is Helpful💖

Sharing is Helpful💖

Sep 18, 2021

Sharing is scary sometimes because it opens yourself up to not only good "sharing is caring", but different points of views, criticism and unexpected responses.😨

As an artist, I have old artwork that almost no one has seen because I was not confident enough to share.

As an educator, I try to encourage students than tell them what it is sometimes, so that they don't get discouraged.

As a person, I may not always share my strong opinions about people and society because I just don't want to engage in arguments, conflicts nor separation.

However, after my learning of "sharing can actually be helpful for someone" and "the more I share, the more people my sharing might be able to help", I now feel much more comfortable to share whatever I think and do.🌏🤗❣️

I talk about this in the video here and please check it out if you are hesitated to share especially something deep inside of you.💖(& Please share you thoughts🤔)

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