Just Start...

Jan 15, 2022

Two tiny words and yet so much meaning behind these small words. How many of you out there struggle with procrastination? Or not following through? I totally struggle with both! I start motivated, planning, brainstorming, and even structure. And then all fall to the way-side, I get side-tracked by my schedule, low energy, life and get unmotivated. It becomes so disappointing and difficult to move past.

I use many techniques to keep me on track, some work, some not so much. I also discovered that when I begin to take the steps to what I really want to experience or create, I come face to face with everything I ever placed between myself and what I truly want. And all of it is me; It is my unconscious programming that pushes it away, labels it wrong, and tells a story that tries to make sense of what is in the way, or why I can't have it or not be able to make it happen. I know it's deep and is what most of you suffer from and are not aware of how much this plays a role in your life. And honestly, I've spent all my adult life trying to unravel this and understand why I do what I do, how I got that way, and what I can do differently to make a sustainable change. I'm still here unraveling and understanding myself.

I have also discovered that it comes down to one thing- decision- to make the decision. And not a half-hearted decision, not an intellectual decision, a real visceral in-your-bones decision. In my life, when I have made this type of a visceral in-my-bones decision, and I overcame my programming that was in my way, I made it happen, got it done, and it came to fruition. It was not easy, and I had to keep deciding when I had fear, procrastination, or didn't believe in myself. I had to keep reminding myself, supporting myself in following through. And I'm still a work in progress, finding my way to Just Start..

Please comment I'd like to know what works for you. What do you do to stay on track? What are some of the ways that help you? What discoveries have you found in yourself around procrastination or not following through?

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