Version .217 is online!

Version .217 is online!

Dec 09, 2023

This release offers 17 improvements and 5 bugfixes.


  • add the Directory as "Advanced search" option in the main search menu.

  • greatly improved the quality of the suggestions offered in the main search box.

  • fix video stuttering on first page load when the visitor is gaming in the background.

  • fix glitches in the advanced search menu when using the Night Mode.


  • add multi-category smart search.

  • add multi-platform smart search.

  • improve the dynamic help text to be more concise.

  • hide the global search box in the top bar.

  • fix system icons not updating properly on slow connections.

Search engine (SERP)

  • new tab interface in the Details submenu.

  • add new Help section in the Details submenu.

  • the Legend is now part of the Details.

  • improve accessibility and quality of the Details table.

  • fix residual image of the previously browsed search results appearing for a second on slow connections.


  • greatly improved the speed and reactivity of the search filter.

  • fix some valid homepages suggestions being rejected automatically.


  • improved the descriptions related to the access tokens.


  • link to the GitHub organization.

  • link to the source tarballs.


  • performance improvements when handling multiple requests at once.

  • improve the accessibility of the resource lists in the administrative pages.

  • fix GDPR toast causing short video stuttering on old low-end devices.

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