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Portrait IV (2021)

Portrait IV (2021)

Apr 07, 2023

Doctors and their apprentices are in high esteem among the Blessed. It is they who walk among the twisted and the torn, and it is they who work with the sacred blessed flesh. Few others can witness the miracle of the Great Plague closer than they do.

Destruction and creation always contain each other. Destruction suggest destruction of "useful" and creation of "useless", and vice versa. When a cup is destoyed, shards are created. When your phone is created, plenty of coal is likely destroyed. But you don't care about shards and coal, do you?

When you are born, thousands of things that used to be... are gone. They have sacrificed their integrity, the energy contained in their structure and their being so that you could be created. Or, you have destroyed them and are still destroying more, so that you continue to exist and to expand yourself upon this world.

There is no one to judge you. That is, there are people, but they are the same.

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