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Ohayo region- Momoki line

Ohayo region- Momoki line

Nov 14, 2022

Man this one took me forever to finish, but I had a good reason for it! I didn't wanted to make an eeveelution, I wanted to make my own line that react more or less the same~ Momoki's concept art took forever to balance into it's final result.

-Momoki| Normal Type
The adapting pokemon

Momoki is an unusual pokemon that adapt to it's environment. Cheerful little thing, all they want to do is learn and have the approval of their trainer. If trained properly, this little pokemon will evolve in one out of nine different form.

-Keelober| Fighting Type
The fighter pokemon

It loves to learn different fighting style to mix them together. Their bodies adapted to absorb shock and return them, it's limbs flexible like rubber allows them to move quickly.

-Keeclay| Ground Type
The potter pokemon

Creativity nurtured this pokemon who fell in love with the art of pottery making. It lover to dig deep underground to find the best quality clay causing his body to cake with mud. This layer can dry up and be used as a shell during combat.

-Keemite| Rock Type
The Stalagmite pokemon

Despite it's brutish look, Keemite is quite the caring pokemon. The rock growth over his body serves as armor. Contact with water only strengthen the mineral that covers him.

-Keeslash| Steel Type
The Sharp sword pokemon

It's hide developed into durable metal, it use it's tail as a sword. Grooming itself, keeslash sharpens the and of it's tail with dedication. They are a ferocious opponent who takes battle seriously.

-Keerula| Bug Type
The Spider monkey pokemon

Developing arboreal tendency, this evolved form gained two extra arm. Not only can they stick to any surface, but their fur create extreme irritant reaction if they feel threatened. It is said that it's silk is used to create impressively durable material, from clothes to cables.

-Keeanide| Poison Type
The Manticore pokemon

It's potent poison might be terrifying for inexperienced trainer to keep around, but Keeanide's venom can be used for medicinal purpose. The poison comes from the toxic plants they like to ingest, making their bite extremely painful.

-Keeblight| Ghost Type
The prankster pokemon

This pokemon as a strong link between the world of the living and the deads. Depending of their mood, they will either curse or bless the people around him. They are very playful by nature and love to prank people by turning invisible.

-Keelung| Dragon Type
The mystic power pokemon

It's fur shedded to reveal a scaly body underneat, the devotion and loyalty this pokemon has for it's trainer can easily be compared to sylveon. Not only do they use their prehensil tail to attack, but their breath create a suffocating mist that is highly flammable.

-Keevity| Flying Type
The Gravity pokemon

This pokemon is both very playful and timid. If overwhelmed they'll over their head with the fluffy hood. Their feet never touch the ground, finding comfort in staying afloat. Their fur has regulate their body, protecting them not only from cold climate, but warm one as well.

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