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Ohayo region- Bowtea line

Ohayo region- Bowtea line

May 18, 2023

And the last pokemon of the region, Bowtea and Gentlik who were very much inspire by the Tiktaalik, the ancestor of all mammal ! All the meanwhile mixed with englishmen folk to correlate to the first settlers of not just ohio but north americans in general. Bowtea was supposed to be the eevee of the region, but had to be scrapped for Momoki who's concept was stronger in the long run. I HAD to recycle his design however.

-Bowtea | Normal Type
The Ancestor pokemon

This little pokemon used to be a water type that adapted to the land, it's inquisitive nature often draw him toward civilization and constantly want to learn and adapt. They can be found singing once in a while.

-Gentlik | Normal Type
The Ancestor pokemon

Gentlik's lung capacity is so impressive that they can be heard from a far distance, their voice is not only strong but seems to pacify the pokemons around them.

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