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Traitorous Royal Ladies ~ Mother and Dau ...

Traitorous Royal Ladies ~ Mother and Daughter corrupted into pig sluts - DEMO

Dec 06, 2023

Hi people, the "Traitorous Ladies" first release is here, I'll refer to it as Emilia's and Fianna's game to make it simpler. While this game setting is indeed after the events of "Noble & Knightess Duo's Vulgarific Exhibition" there are only a few mentions of that game and while the plot is related, it can still be played without having read the other game (the other should still be released soon, I think).

This demo includes the intro of the story and the first blowjob scene. The next update will include the first sex scene of Fianna and Emilia with their new husband and will probably be released during December. This game has only 15 chapters but almost all of them are pretty long, so to keep the updates as frequent as possible, I'll put two chapters per update. This Vn will probably take a minimum of 6 months, I'll take my time but I'll do a proper translation and proofread it to the best of my abilities.

I hope that you all like this demo and look forward to the upcoming releases and updates. Thank you very much for your continued support!

Link for the Demo

(You need to set the locale of your PC to japanese or use a locale emulator)

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