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Netorare Jukubo Natsuko 41 - Akihiro's P ...

Netorare Jukubo Natsuko 41 - Akihiro's POV Update

Sep 07, 2023

At last, I'm done with Akihiro's POV. Can't say that it was my favorite but it gets the job done for the Mom NTR enjoyers. Since this VN jumps a bit between Akihiro's (the son) and Natsuko's POV a few parts are still untranslated since those are narrated by Natsuko. I left save data with the game on the branching point and the gallery completed. Akihiro's POV can be read entirely using that save data but some parts from the first route are from Natsuko's POV so those are still in Japanese. The second route is already entirely in English.

I'll now start working on Natsuko's POV and since it isn't that long I should be done with it by mid/late October hopefully. Akihiro's POV wasn't really that long but a lot happened during August, one of my dogs died, the other one is still sick and hasn't been eating well for a while, I had power outages, and my whole world seemed to be crumbling under my feet. At least now I'm getting a bit distracted from all those problems by playing Baldur's Gate 3 but I might have distracted myself a bit too much.

In any case, I'll be releasing Natsuko's updates more often, I think that it'll take 3 updates with the third one being the last to finish her route and the game as well.

So, thanks for your support, and look forward to the full release soon.


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