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A Season of Gratitude

A Season of Gratitude

Nov 09, 2021

The season of gratitude is upon us. At my full-time job, we're sharing more moments of thankfulness each day with one another. It's the first time in my adulthood that I'm sharing with colleagues in this way, and I must admit it's been uplifting to see what has brought my colleagues joy and what simple things they are grateful to have in their lives.

In the spirit of sharing joy through gratitude, I thought it would be cool for us to share our gratitude as a community of people who are and who are looking to experience joy in the ordinary moments of our life.

What are you grateful for today? What simple thing brings appreciation to your heart?

I'll share my gratitude in the comments throughout the month. So join me by sharing yours and coming back to share even more moments of gratitude.

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