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Kioskloud has just changed its URL!

Kioskloud has just changed its URL!

May 09, 2023

Due to several limitations and bad reputation regarding .xyz Top-Level domain(TLD), team Vittetsens has just changed Kioskloud's representative TLD from to !

From now on, you can access Kioskloud website through both and And all content share links published from now on will be based on ( ).

However, you will be redirected to domain when you access Kioskloud website through old domain : .

This means, you can still use old contents share link based on domain without changing anything!

#Be advised

1) If you experience any issues while using based URL, please clear website cache by cleaning all history data of your web browser.

2) The based domain of all kioskloud's official email addresses has been changed as well. For instance, you should use [email protected] email address if you want to contact us via email.

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