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The Trickle Down Theory: Why Do We Have ...

The Trickle Down Theory: Why Do We Have To Strike To Get Our Trickle Down Wealth Share?

Jul 15, 2022

Thatcher promised us trickle down wealth. Well with profits at 73% & inflation rising to 11% why do we need to strike for it? The absence of Mick Lynch from our screens has been widely scorned, as if you can’t beat him, deplatform him and bring back the extablishment stooges to spout drivel, however, for those a bit braver, bringing Lynch’s Deputy Eddie Dempsey on didn’t help either, as he demonstrated he’s just as adept at bodying journalists as his boss is, the two of them a veritable Bonnie & Clyde as they verbally take down all those daring to ask a stupid question, though don’t ask me which is which, I’ll pleased the fifth. But something Dempsey said on Jeremy Vine’s show struck a chord and this was the mention that FTSE 350 companies have made profits of 73% since 2019. Isn’t it supposedly the Thatcherite way that some of that trickle down to us? Was that not the great Tory promise? In which case why are unions having to strike for workers to get what is rightfully theirs? Inflation is expected to reach 11%, so what is that compared to 73%? It's the big lie of capitalism though isn’t it? Think about that word capitalism, the belief in capital, of money. Not of goods, not of services, but just money, in and of itself. Once upon a time we made stuff and sold stuff and made money off it. Then came merchants. They bought stuff, then sold it on for more than they bought it for, making money. That’s literally all they did, these middlemen, creaming a bit off the top from the labour of others. Once upon a time they were thought of as thieves for it, now they get knighthoods and seats in the Lords. The money made by our Labour, we’re not sharing in. We were promised a share, the great trickle down lie, but we’ve always been denied it and I thought to myself why are more people not laying down their tools demanding their share of this? Why are the rich getting richer and us getting poorer? Why is this happening when we’re doing the work, making the goods and running the services? That trickle never happens because the rich just get a bigger vessel so their cup never runneth over. Capitalism has always been just a big fat con to make money but its not money we ever see, yet it is made by us, so why do we continue to entertain this notion of capitalism and keep voting for governments to continue it and keep shafting us over and over? Isn’t it time we saw the fruits of our labour and stopped fighting over scraps?

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