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The Met are a failed police force under ...

The Met are a failed police force under Cressida Dick

Jan 13, 2022

Despite Boris Johnson admitting to lockdown rule-breaking, the Met Police are refusing to investigate again. OK, sorry, you’ll have to forgive me but I’ve always been under the impression that when a crime has been committed you call the police, they take details, conduct an investigation, build a case and then seek to prosecute should sufficient evidence arise. I had no idea that all these years the police waited for the civil service to do all of this work for them! We have evidence of numerous parties, numerous COVID rules being broken by those who set the rules in government, whilst the rest of us, stupidly thought the rule of law applied to all. We’ve had media stories being run for weeks about government rule breaking during lockdowns and finally, when the big one dropped, where Johnson himself literally admits he was in attendance, where hard evidence can be supplied, where yet again all this occurred in Downing Street, which the Met Police keep secured and will have a rundown of exactly who was where on any given day including May 20th of last year and we’re told they won’t investigate unless Sue Gray’s inquiry finds evidence of a crime being committed! If it wasn’t clear as day before, that chocolate teapot of a police commissioner, Cressida Dick is blatantly not serving the public interest, clearly isn’t upholding the rule of law and its application to everyone without exception and is again excusing those in power. Her Met Police can go out and convict and fine people for having parties literally anywhere across the Metropolitan area, except if its an address in Downing Street and then it’s ‘there’s not enough evidence’ and ‘we don’t investigate crimes after they’ve happened’. They’re literally relying on a civil servant investigating her boss and finding him guilty before they say they’ll step in themselves. What kind of police force is this? This is a police force who in recent months have seen officers sent down themselves over rape and murder. This is a police force that turned a vigil for one of those victims into a scene reminiscent of Orgreave, who can attack innocents as they did there, but will not even contemplate ever investigating crimes being committed by this government. They are a failed, corrupt force and that stems from the top. I’m, sick to death of saying Cressida Dick has to go because she should’ve gone several times over by now. By refusing to investigate even after Boris Johnson admitted his wrongdoing, she is not fit for office and I really have to wonder what her deal is. The Good Law Project are now suing the Met over their refusal to uphold the law in respect of all these parties, it seems an open and shut case to me, but it should terrify us that these people appear capable of getting away with anything right now with no fear of the law.

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