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Rachel Reeves: Labour membership falling ...

Rachel Reeves: Labour membership falling is a good thing.

Jan 20, 2022

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has ridiculed herself today over falling membership & her Labour values. Membership in my constituency is falling and that’s a good thing according Rachel Reeves, the shadow Chancellor as Labour verges on bankruptcy in part down to those lost membership dues. Labour is now pro-business she proudly boasts in the Financial Times, when it was set up to be pro worker, no doubt delighting Trade Unions, already having withdrawn funding from Labour for not offering value for money for its members. This woman is an economist, yet it’s readily apparent that her political ideologies supercede any semblance of financial competence. Clearly she strongly believes those wealthy Blairite donors will be knocking on the door any day now. Rachel believes 200,000 members leaving her party is a good thing, because in her mind, they’re all racists and antisemites and it’s a clear sign that the party has been cleaned up by Keir Starmer, bitterly ironic since one of her political idols was the racist MP for Berlin Nancy Astor. She thinks this is a good thing because these people were racists, entryists and should never have been allowed to join the party, yet we’ve all seen the stories of people being suspended or expelled even retrospectively, we’ve seen this done to people, not just attracted to the party by Corbyn’s transformative agenda, but many who have been members longer than Reeves has even been alive. Oh but there is the right sort isn’t there? Your sort, like you, your sister, her husband, all Labour MP’s – any more family want a seat on the parliamentary gravy train or is that getting a bit too nepotistic? A bit too Trumpian? These entryists don’t share Labour values, but let’s get this right because what she really means is they don’t share the Labour right’s values, her values, and their crime is to have been socialists. Your values Rachel are believing we should be tougher on benefits than the Tories, ditching popular policies that’d change lives for the better in favour of none at all, pledging to stick to Tory austerity, that still laughs at the idea of free broadband when the value of that during the pandemic became obvious, that blames the party’s current financial woes on the previous leadership, which actually left the party £13.5m in the black and which Starmer and Evans have blown, that makes so much of dealing with racism, yet is delaying the Forde Report yet again, a determination to keep Jeremy Corbyn out, but admit a Tory MP no questions asked who voted to dump sewage in rivers, who voted to turn migrants around at sea, cut the £20 uplift from Universal Credit claimants further impoverishing them, who voted to take away peoples right to protest and who may have breached lockdown rules to party as well if a photo doing the rounds shared by Manchester Young Conservatives turns out to be authentic. These are your Labour values Rachel, but you’re right about one thing, I don’t share them. I’m not a conscienceless, amoral careerist interested in nobody but myself and if that’s Labour going forwards, then bring on its replacement.

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