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Wrapping Up and Ramping Up

Wrapping Up and Ramping Up

Apr 26, 2023

Whew! It's been quite a month. The second annual Virtual Mixed Media Collage Retreat (Spring Fling) ends Sunday, and a whole slew of World Collage Day activities (virtual and in Rockport, Texas) kick off May 1st. Not sure when I will sleep, but I still love every minute of this crazy artist life! Thank you so much to those who have supported me through taking classes, buying my art, and donating "coffee" to keep me going!

Keeping up with everything has been a master class in prioritizing and time management. Learning to say "no" is also helpful when you have just "too much" on your plate. But saying "no" when the bank account dwindles is hard. Really hard. I want to do all the things. I regularly have a couple dozen ideas for new classes and an equal number of ideas for new artwork that I want to get executed while the muse is speaking...

Certain projects or ideas get moved to the back burner, or fall off the stove entirely. I've wanted (planned) to do a spring cleaning sale of artwork that is taking up too much space in the studio, or maybe a "sample" sale of all of the demo pieces that I create for lessons, and I wanted to do another birthday sale this year, but that ship has sailed, too. I will (try) to share a collage a day for the month of May, as I also promote all of the World Collage Day activities. Most of the pieces I share are available for purchase, so reach out if you see something you love! (They will be posted on social media, so make sure you are following me on Facebook or Instagram!)

So, Spring Fling is wrapping up, and I am quite pleased with the curation of these workshops, and the interaction between students. It's always scary to hire new-to-me instructors and put them on my platform - I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to Collage-Lab - but I've been pretty happy with how it's all turned out this year. It's a lot of work coordinating a dozen instructors and a month of classes, and it's unfortunate when there is just a small group participating. At best, this will become an every other year endeavor - at worst, well...I'll definitely be reevaluating if it is even feasible.

Switching gears now, my World Collage Day activities are ramping up and I am so very excited for all of these things! I've just announced the artists selected for the FACES OF COLLAGE international call for art (13 countries represented!) and a local collage show, called JUST MY TYPE, which opens next week. Two books will be published, and a Virtual Book Launch is scheduled for May 7. I'm putting together a WHAT IS COLLAGE? exhibit at the local library and giving away 50 COLLAGE-A-FISH kits. I'll be doing a 2 part lecture series locally on HISTORY OF COLLAGE and SURVEY OF CONTEMPORARY COLLAGE, which I am very excited about (but is still not at the required number of sign-ups). There's been a lot of interest in my online community, so I will take the research and presentation for this series and create a video version to sell on the website. I'm doing another really fun workshop, PLAYING WITH PAPER, which is almost sold out. We will be creating a community-made collage at MOON OVER WATER GALLERY this month, and the core artists at the gallery are also co-creating a collage together! I'll be demonstrating collage at the gallery on World Collage Day (May 13, which is also the monthly Austin Street Art Walk) and I'll also be doing INSTANT COLLAGE COMMISSIONS on a Pay What You Want basis! Then it's off to the opening reception for the local exhibit at Anita Diebel's Gallery and back to Moon Over Water for a "featured artist" reception. Yes, I'll probably need to wear my running shoes that day!

I know this is a LONG post - just felt the need to catch up with you, my fabulous fans and supporters. More exciting things on the way! Here's a look at what I've got planned locally for World Collage Day - all of the details are listed on - take a look!

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