Introducing Tracker Spy

Introducing Tracker Spy

Feb 10, 2022


Tracker Spy is a Google Chrome extension that identifies trackers found within websites you visit, and creates a report that shows you detailed information about what's going on, like every tracker found, who it belongs to, and every website it was found on.

You also have the option to block these trackers from loading, which removes ads and increases the website's performance. You can even see all the cookies each website has created, their value, when they expire, and the number of tracking cookies there are in your browser. Using all this information, Tracker Spy creates a summary that makes it easy for you to understand what's going on.

Let's take a closer look at the most important features:

Get a summary 📈 of the most important information:

Get a summary that displays the most recent and important information, made for you to understand with ease everything that's going on.

Get detailed information 🔎 about each tracker:

Get a list of every single tracker found on websites you visited, with details about who owns it, and every website it was found on. Cool, right?

🚫 Block trackers from loading on websites

You can manually block individual trackers, so you get to chose who tracks you and who doesn't. Alternatively, you can automatically block all of them and just forget they even exist.

Increases loading performance⚡️ by 50%:

Blocking trackers will dramatically reduce the page loading time, and increase its overall performance 🤯, as most ads and trackers won't load anymore.

Get to know who uses your location📍, and manage the way it gets shared:

Get to know what websites access your geolocation, and manage what is shared when they request it. You can choose to hide your real location, so when websites request it, they will be given a fake one instead.

There are also other great features like the ability for you to see all the cookies placed by a website, and the information about each cookie, like its name, value, expiration date, and all other websites that also use that cookie, or other small options that allow you to block all cookies, and hide your browser information from websites to prevent them from using it to track you.

Get it here🤝:

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