What's On My Mind #9

What's On My Mind #9

Sep 12, 2021


What's On My Mind is a weekly newsletter where I share a variety of subjects, in line with my mission & vision statement, based on my own experiences, and inspired by the stories of others. By doing so I hope to lift a tip of the veil of ignorance that blurs our perception and prevents us from making conscience decisions. Thus, creating awareness and inspiring myself, and others towards individual discovery, and responsibility; personal growth.

" Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity " - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hope you find them of any use.

Book I have read
Mythology - Timeless tales of Gods and Heroes.

Quote to contemplate on
"Ultimately, life is neither suffering nor bliss. It is what you make it. - Sadhguru from his book Karma

The way forward
Self-sufficiency, responsibility, accountability and living in harmony with your local community and nature is the way forward. This video shows a perfect example of combining existing systems in nature with modern technology without compromising on comfort, or autonomy. It brings me hope and joy to see that there is a growing number of people promoting these innovations from a realistic way of thinking; symbiosis. Coexisting in harmony with eachother and nature, benefitting all. This is one way of how true inspirational leadership looks like.


Things you see when you slow down
On your next walk, think of your thoughts and emotions as little puffy clouds in the sky. The vast open blueness of the sky is you. Endless. As a thought or feeling comes up, put its name on a cloud and watch the cloud float away. No judgments. The thoughts and feelings aren’t good or bad. They just are. They’re not permanent. They aren’t who you are. It’s your choice to focus on them and make them grow into thunderclouds or to let them drift by or dissipate as the little puffy clouds they are.

Fundamental highlight - Movement
Shoes make your feet weak.
Shoes surround our feet and take over the job that the muscles of our feet are supposed to do. The muscles of the toes in particular lose the opportunity to support the foot when shoes are constantly worn. Multiple studies have shown that barefoot is better.

But...the sensible thing to do is NOT to throw out your shoes and walk to work barefoot. It would be unsightly, and the muscles of a weak foot would not be able to handle the “cold-turkey” transition from not working to fully working.

Start with strengthening the toes and feet on a weekly basis. Place a towel under your feet and work on scrunching the towel under your feet by using your toes. If your feet cramp, start with a shorter duration of exercise and build over time. (Cramping is often a sign of chronic muscle weakness.)

For the more advanced, work on single leg balancing while barefoot. Start with balancing on a flat floor and work your way up to standing on surfaces that challenge your balance. Adding more challenge to the single leg barefoot balance; lift up your heel and balance on your toes.

Read more about this topic:

Podcast I want to share


Did you know...
In 2021 52% of the adult world population is overweight or obese.

39% of the adult world population is overweight; BMI 25-30
13% of the adult world population is obese; BMI 30+

Childhood overweight and obese numbers are incomplete and all over the place. The most reliable source is from a 2016 WHO study that states; 16% of the childern ( from the age of 2-17 ), globally, are overweight or obese. Based on data on adults we can easily assume this number is over 20% in 2021.

It is considered a fact that being overweight (BMI 25+), and the associated behaviour, is causing a lot of unhealthy implication for the person and society.

Check your BMI here: https://www.calculator.net/bmi-calculator.html

Thank you for your interest, time and attention.
Your support is much appreciated.

Joey van Tilburg

Mission & Vision Statement
My mission is to raise self-awareness and encourage personal growth.
My vision is an open society with clean air, water and soil ... in my life time.

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