What's on my mind #4

What's on my mind #4

Aug 04, 2021


I hope you find these 'what's on my mind blogs' of any use.
Thank you for your interest, time and attention.

Book I am reading
Het Zero Waste Project - A Dutch book about different ways to achieve zero waste. It inspired me to take the next step and be even more aware about my use of plastic, chemicals, eat more local, and seasonal food.

Dancing in the rain
Or in other words seeing the positive in the negative. Lately, and I have said it before, I am very aware of the negativity of others and how it affects my mood. Some days I can deal with it better then others, but I am getting better at is. Small steps. I am getting better at it because I realised people who look at life through this lens don't always realise they are looking through a lens. So can I really blame them? I don't think so, I think by pointing the positive in their negative I can make them aware of this. And that's all I can do. Another thing I noticed that works really well is to realise someone is talking from this negativity point of view, shield myself for adopting those emotions, and steer the conversation another direction. This, however, consumes a lot of my energy. Pointing out they are talking negatively is also an option, but in reality this means I am pointing it out almost all day. I don't want to be that guy.

The other day I was out for my weekly beach walk and a raincloud bursted open above me. Did I got soaking wet? Yes. Was it a little bit unconvinient? Yes. But I embraced it and just kept walking with a big smile, and enjoyed the change of scenery. Observing how nature changed around me, everything went quite, my mind went quite, it was awesome. Then after 20 minutes orso the rain stopped, the sun bursted through the clouds, I sat down at the beach with a hot tea, a book and let the sun dry my cloths. I had a great day and the rain made it even better! First reaction I got when I told people I was out for a walk; 'you must have had a shit day, the weather forecast predicted rain, and you look like you have been soaking wet'........sigh.........[ just tell them you had a great day Joey and move on :) ].

Quote I contemplated
“We are what we repeatedly do…excellence, therefore, isn’t an act, but a habit and life isn’t a series of events, but an ongoing process of self-definition.” - Aristotle

Video that made me think
After reading 'The madness of the crowds', several articles, and now this video I am realisating how important it is to continue walking the path I am walking. Raising self-awareness and promoting personal growth in a society that is clearly doing the opposite. I believe this is a must watch video to understand the current developments and how to steer away from them.


Blog idea
System thinking vs compartmentalization
While I am in the mids of the development of my new book I keep being drawn by the dualistic nature of our reality. The more I dig the more it makes sense. When reading a book the other day they briefly mentioned system thinking vs compartmentalization, and it was once again a realisation of these dualties and their effects on our lives. Because I think many people can relate to these two opposites, I am going to use them as a subject for my next blog.

Upcoming project
One of my dreams is to have a garden that can sustain me in several ways in my nutritional needs year-round. I have never owned or maintained a garden like that, and while I have plans to travel abroad to spend time with farmers and learn more about it, the current madness in society doens't allow me to undertake this journey, yet. So, where to start? A simple indoor herb garden is going to be my focus for the next weeks. Going to read up on soil, different herbs, best way to keep them and much more, and then the experiment can begin :). I believe maintaining your own garden, feeding yourself, is a nice responsibility, a way to grow, and can give a sense of freedom. But...you never know until you try.

Thank you for reading,

Joey van Tilburg

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