What´s on my mind #1

What´s on my mind #1

Jul 14, 2021

Book I am reading
Lord of the flies

Work in progress
I am working on something I call the "Awareness package". This package deal contains a variety of products, 3 months access to my platform, and some basic health information. Everything in the package is there to support my mission statement; raise awareness & encourage personal growth. One of the items in there will be my own re-usable notebook, personalised with my logo and 1 or 2 pages of information. At the moment I have contact with some companies that sell sustainable and durable products, to see if they can help me out. My aim here is to start with 25 packages. I will invest some of my own money, and probably will raise some money via a Kickstarter so it makes it easier to invest a new batch. More about that soon.

Teaching I am contemplating
You attract and manifest whatever corresponds with your inner state.

Video that made me think


Research I am doing
2 weeks ago I got a question about coconut oil, if it is really that healthy. According to my knowledge it is. While trying to formulate an answer I noticed that I didn't had the full picture to explain it in a easy way and there is a lot of controversy around the topic. At the moment I am going through articles, videos and some books to understand more about the way our body handles these kinds of fats. When I feel comfortable that I have enough pieces of the picture I will share my finding on my coaching platform.

Quote that resonate with me
"He who lives in harmony with himself is in harmony with the universe - Marcus Aurelius

More and more people investing time, energy and trying new ways to become healthier. I get full of joy when I hear people around me trying new stuff and by doing so raising their awareness.

Food I am trying
Last week I talked about sauerkraut and the health benefits of fermented foods on my platform. Since then I am gathering recipes, and finding ways to ferment different types of food. I haven't tried any yet but when I do I will share my experiences and recipes.

Struggle I am having
Keeping my inner calm in a society that always finds something negative to focus on.

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