The things you see when slowing down #2

The things you see when slowing down #2

Jul 25, 2021

Craftsmanship: adding true value to the world.

Craftsmanship is valuable because it is hard earned. In a world of instant gratification, where almost everything is available at the click of a button, things which require endurance and come slowly suddenly gain mythic proportions. Craftsmanship is admirable, inspirational, elegant, and fulfilling. Find your skill, begin experimenting, refine it every day, use suffering as in indicator that you are on the right track, be fully engaged in the moment, slow down, have patience and over time a craftman will emerge.

On my travels I came across this beautiful glasblower workshop in Lofoten (Vikten). Witnessing these craftsman at work wasn't only a zen-like experience it was also fascinating and inspirational!

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