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Patch Updates! (TwoAmps, Vintage Droff)

Patch Updates! (TwoAmps, Vintage Droff)

May 21, 2021

Hi Coffeeholics!

As promised, I've made updates to the various patches:

  • Two Amps: Now with 2 other patches that have incorporated my modern tweaking practices. FenderCali is nicknamed "Throwback Rock for Helix" as it started out as the patch for my latest video (embedded below). FenderVox is actually modelled after my Goodwood Audio Mothership setup. A video demo is in the pipeline!

  • Vintage Droff: I've made small improvements to tweak the volume between the clean and overdriven sounds. They should now sit within -12dB for the clean tone and -9dB for lead.

Check your links, folks! These patches are waiting for you there. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any technical assistance.

Keep your praise on!


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