Digital Marketing: Built to last like Ke ...

Digital Marketing: Built to last like Keanu Reeves Future Proof Content

Sep 05, 2021

Keanu Reeves is the man who can defy expectations.

He’s been able to reinvent himself for close to 4 decades.

Over and over again

At 57-years young and responsible for 3 big blockbuster franchises (The Matrix, John Wick and my personal favorite Bill & Ted). I loved Speed in the 90's as well.

Despite his career highs and lows.

He’s been able to last the test of time.

Why couldn’t you do the same with your business, and more importantly why couldn’t you do that with your digital marketing?

The game has changed baby!

Let’s go back, back in time…

Queue Electric Avenue

In the 80’s and 90’s Yellow Pages, direct mail, and cold calling, billboards, fax ads and tv commercials were all the rage.

At the same time Keanu Reeves was 8 movies deep in his career when he starred in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. YES! I love that movie!

As his career blew up, he starred in a little franchise called THE MATRIX.

You might have heard about it.

Check out my remake of THE TRUTH scene-

Will Smith, at the same time decided not to be the lead and went for some other movie called The Wild Wild West (I’ve heard it was okay lol). SAY it with me. LISTEN TO YOUR JADA WILL!

Let's jump forward to the 2000’s to today.

We are in the digital age.

A little search company called Google now controls the digital world, YIKES!

Social media is the new billboard.

People are paid because of the amount of influences they have. Short videos of 15-30 seconds take over the digital world and make more many seconds than days.

And while the world has evolved into the digital age.

Keanu Reeves has been able to grow along with it.

The point is:

You must build an asset that will last, the mediums will change but your message and fundamental principles will be timeliness.

It’s okay to reinvent yourself, you have to, regardless if you're into digital marketing or not.

What got you here.

Won’t get you there.

Keanu Reeves had his hurdles and low moments.

Though he disappeared from the public, he continued to work, grow, and ultimately change.

Are you able to do the same?

Imagine being able to create digital assets (like a simple 15-sec video clip) and having it do all the work for you.

Kinda like Keanu’s movies throughout his whole career do for him everyday, what do you think that would do for your business?


Have you created evergreen content to do the work for you when you don’t have the time?

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