Unexpected Loss

Sep 28, 2022

We unexpectedly lost our dog to an infection yesterday. As I write this my stomach turns as I am such an animal person it broke my heart 💔

your properly wondering what this has to do with budgeting. The moment I walked into the vets, when they told me she needed an operation, my mind instantly went I will pay anything and then to I don’t have an emergency fund and it quickly changed to i don’t care what it costs, I will get a credit union loan. Anything to save her.

I am pointing this out because there are so many things that are worth more than money. Everything at the moment seems to be very money focussed. Cashless this, the budget, cost of living crisis.

she didn’t make it to the operating theatre but it was one of life’s reminders that there are things that money can’t buy and you’ll pay anything to keep 💔

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