Manifestation Tips & Task

Manifestation Tips & Task

Oct 20, 2022

Today I am going to encourage you to sit and reflect.

Often and very easily life can quickly turn negative and hopeless.

For many of us this is when manifestation techniques start to fail and when they start to fail we start to lose interest and worse start to believe it was all all a load of rubbish and was not real to begin with.

I am asking you to sit now and reflect on these questions.


Have you lost touch with what you actually desire because you think it is not possible?

What do you actually desire?

Do you feel blank when I ask you this?

If money was not the problem, what would you desire?

Your Manifestation task for today is take some time out and sit with your thoughts and feelings. Get the pen and paper out and get ready to write the answers to these questions. Please do not do this when the kids are screaming or when your flying from place to place.

Rather find a quiet moment, when everything is relaxed, pop on some music and light a candle.

One of my BIGGEST challenges and it is not just me, when I am manifesting is my life is often full of madness. I am always rushing, my mind is full of thought's and what I need to do next. This often results in me getting nowhere with my manifestations.

So time for CALM..........

Ready to play our manifestation challenge?

If money was not an issue, what would you choose?

If I were choosing just for me, just for fun, what would I choose?

What would you do each day?

What would you create in this world?

I am joining you in this manifestation challenge today. This task is about getting back in touch with yourself. Remembering who you are. As busy people or parents we often lose touch of our wants and desires. This exercise is about bringing the focus back to you. As I always teach in my manifestation workshops, you can not create or manifest for someone else, only yourself. You can only create your reality and our destiny.

Do this without judgement. What I mean is do not allow yourself to think or feel that you are selfish for desiring these things in your life and equally do not allow yourself to feel others judgements of what you desire in your life.

When you become clear on your future it is easier for money to flow and it is easier to create what you wish to have in your life.

Let the magic flow xxx

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