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Late Night Ramblings

Late Night Ramblings

Oct 10, 2023

"What's missing in your life?" This is a question I have sitting on my desk right now. I decided I am going to answer this question as honestly as I can. What is missing from my life...right now...is the wind through my hair as I walk across the beach. What is missing from my life...right now...is the sound of my parents' voices calling to ask me if I am ok. What is missing from my life...right now...is the energy that disappeared at 6 o'clock after dinner was made.

The wind through my hair on a beach? I want to do that again. Houa, make time for that...sooner rather than later. Hearing my parents' voices call me? That one is a bit tougher since they both have passed away. The energy that disappeared after dinner? Well, having 7 kids, what do you expect, Houa?!

These missing things...often times I sit back like I am doing right now and I ask myself, "What can I do to change?" And some things I know are out of control. And some things are not meant to be. And some things I can't change. I will need the courage to move on, to move forward, to eventually find the way home to my own heart. The biggest part in all this is to be brave to say, "I'm not ok and I need time to heal." I have gotten so much better at that because I had been told that asking for help was a sign of weakness. But it is not! If anyone tells you that, please do not believe them. Asking for help is a way to mend your heart together when you absolutely have no strength left to do so. The person who extends a hand to you will see you at your greatest but love you at your worse and still can help you stand.

So...have you asked yourself lately...what's missing in your life?

Love & Light,


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