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Staying Positive.

Staying Positive.

Mar 15, 2023

Hey all,

Having a good week?

Me, well I've been jumping about stories. Getting stuff written at a better pace then I had in a while. Most of the next Morgan's chapter done. Little on the System silly fun story worked on. Hey, I finally finished the next and last chapter of Homelife done. Which means I'll be starting the next book of Karla's story soon, its going to be called Secrets. Hope your looking forward to that. I'll likely be posting that Chapter in the next few days on the Minigirl forum. I hope you all will enjoy that.

Oh, why am I posting all this. Well the weather outside is wet, gray, and depressing and I am fighting the urge to mope about instead of staying positive and enjoying writing. So, we will instead encourage each other and support each others accomplishment. Thank you all for your interest and support. And congrats on that thing you got done today. You did a marvelous job at that. You should be proud.


Feel free to share what you did today, lets keep the positivity flowing!

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