New! Solving Query Performance Problems ...

New! Solving Query Performance Problems With The MySQL Slow Query Log

Jan 22, 2024

MySQL's slow query log is a key component in your MySQL administration setup. Whilst normal logging can help you in terms of tracking down issues with your database system, the slow query log can help you track down issues in your database setup before they become problematic.

Getting the slow query log set up correctly can help you find and solve issues with slow database queries before they become more problematic. Most slow queries will work fine when there's just a few rows, but as your data grows so will the time taken to find the data. Having the slow query log in place will show these queries and help you do something about them.

In this article we'll look at how to set up the slow query log, how to analyse the results and also an exercise in triggering the slow query log with real data. All of this information will also work with MariaDB in the same way.

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