Dating while immunocompromised, poly, an ...

Dating while immunocompromised, poly, and disabled in a pandemic let rip. Air sharing guid

Jun 20, 2023

Dating while immunocompromised, poly, and disabled in a pandemic let rip is complicated, hard, and dangerous. Despite that, I get weird if I go longer than a month without a hug and I need people - everyone does.

So I wrote up a guideline doc on how to gain entry to my pod:

Personal Air Sharing Guidelines:

Open Communication: Maintain open and honest communication about your recent exposure risks, and any potential symptoms. It's important to keep each other informed and make informed decisions together.

Testing: Undergo regular testing for COVID-19, including at the onset of any symptoms, to detect potential and asymptomatic infections and prevent the spread within our pod.

Personal Masking: Wear a high-quality well-sealing mask or respirator (rated KN95 or better) whenever sharing space with individuals outside the pod. Masking significantly reduces the risk of airborne transmission. Fit testing and universal masking even more so.

Air Hygiene: Prioritize well-ventilated environments and open spaces. Avoid crowded indoor spaces without proper ventilation. Good air circulation helps minimize the risk of airborne transmission.

Minimize Exposure Risks: Prioritize low-risk activities and environments. Avoid high-risk settings with poor ventilation and without universal masking compliance.

Test to Reenter: If you have had a high-exposure risk event, please isolate for a minimum of 5 days and then test twice before reentering the pod. Alternatively, isolate for 14 days and test once.

Ongoing Monitoring: Stay informed about the latest COVID-19 research and developments related to Long Covid. Adjust and adapt our practices accordingly to maintain a safe environment.

It is important to understand and respect that these guidelines are designed to protect individuals at higher risk, such as myself, from potential harm. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping create a safe environment for us to share.

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