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Tambourin - Quatuor pour Flûtes ~ Compos ...

Tambourin - Quatuor pour Flûtes ~ Composed by Pierre Max Dubois

May 12, 2023

I absolutely love playing this movement. It's just so cheery! I took it a fraction faster this time around too! But with that.. this quartet is now complete! Thank you so much for listening, and I'll be sure to put up a compilation post sometime soon. Next, I'll be moving onto another quartet that I recorded long ago. I'll also be moving onto playing with the Grenadilla Wood C Flute from @tjflutes which I'm incredibly excited to share with you all! I wanted to finish this entire quartet on the copper flute before switching over, as it would be a bit odd to do it mid-piece! I also have another work in mind to record by Berthomieu which I'm quite excited about! Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! I'll be mostly practising and watching some movies! But I'll still be active here too! Are you up to anything exciting? Much love to you all, and happy practising! 🙏

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