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Movement III. Flûtes Rêveuses (Flûtes en ...

Movement III. Flûtes Rêveuses (Flûtes en Vacances) ~ Composed by Jacques Castérède

Mar 08, 2023

I wasn't actually planning on recording this video today, but a spark of productivity hit me, and then everything seemed to just come together. So, here we are! 😂

It's actually been a nice relaxing day. It was snowing outside earlier, which hasn't happened in Hereford in a while. I had my pet bunny rabbit Gandalf chilling with me on the sofa while I watched quiz shows on TV. Gandalf knew all the answers, but he was keeping them to himself.. 😂 He always seems so intrigued by the TV and watches it so intently! I sometimes wonder what goes on in that fluffy head of his 😁

Now I'll begin looking at the third movement of the McMichael, which will hopefully be ready sometime this weekend. As ever, much love to you all, and happy practising! 🙏

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