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Something, Nothing

Something, Nothing

Aug 08, 2023

(helloooo. new story !!!) 

There is only one thing one Aarvin’s mind for now — get through university successfully, get a job preferably somewhere far away from home, and be on his own, and finally, finally be able to live his life on his own terms.

Aarvin doesn’t even want to start imagining how that will be lest he would get distracted. He needs to focus.

Only he meets Ken and his focus wavers.

He tries and tries to stay away from Ken, but that becomes hard when something sort of stirs up in the depth of Aarvin’s chest. It feels like an itch — a dangerous, tempting itch definitely hiding something beneath it.

It’s fine though. Aarvin is determined. He is not going to tend to this something. It is nothing. It will be nothing. He will make it be nothing.


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