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Jan 11, 2023



This is literally the last of the last place I want to be. Like tell me the apocalypse’s the next day and the only way to stop it is to attend this stupid party and you still wouldn’t have caught me giving a single damn fuck. But here I am.

Red cups everywhere — some empty, some filled with God knows what, loud, irritating as fuck, awful music, bodies grinding against each other like helpless slugs. Can someone please kill me already?

“Not in the mood, Zacharrine,” I say, before the dumbass beside me can get a word out of his meaningless piehole.

“Quite a wild party, isn’t it?” ignoring me outwardly, he yells although I am able hear him rather clearly.

I choose not to say anything, if I kept quiet long enough, maybe he would eventually move on to another prey. Like I said, I really am not in the mood to entertain this bumbling idiot. This is the third consecutive weekend my twin sister, Valerie, has dragged me out of the house to attend to another mindless high school party. Never mind this party is in a different town altogether, crammed with unknown faces — she just had to go. 

Continuing to ignore the thicko beside me, I look around for my sister but she is nowhere to be found. She’s been too hung up on some random girl she kissed at some random party a few months back and has been attending as much party as she can in order to find her again. I’ve tried telling her countless times that it is pointless, but she just won’t listen.

Stubborn as mule — one of the many traits that we share, if I were being honest.

“Fine,” thank fuck, finally he gets the clue and turns around.

But just as he is about to, a body slams right into him, and he stumbles back into me, pouring whatever shit that was in his cup right on my white shirt. I close my eyes, pinching my nose, trying my best to control the red I am seeing.

“Shit, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mea–,”

“It’s alright, darling. It happens,” the half-wit says — of course, he would said that; it isn’t his shirt which is ruined, and I am pretty sure he is ogling the girl who had run into him up and down shamelessly right then.

“Right. Sorry about that,” the apology is directed to me now. I open my eyes, glaring at him, but he isn’t in the least bit intimidated, as he smiles back at me dumbly.

How I wish I could wipe that smug smile right off his face. I push right past him, in pursuit of a bathroom where I can wipe this stain of my shirt. I really hope it would wash off, if my mother were to find out about this — party and drinking, both of which I hadn’t actually partaken in — she would never let me hear the end of this.

Miraculously I manage to find an unoccupied bathroom, and start wetting the parts of my shirt which was stained and scrubbing it. Hearing footsteps behind me, I let out agroan. I swear I would combust right there and then if it was another horny couple who can’t keep their hands off of each other. I turn around, ready to yell but see that it is only Zacharrine.

Unable to decide if it is a bad or a good thing that he’d followed me, I just huff and return to cleaning my shirt.

“It is my fault. Let me help you,” he moves closer to my side, but I just swat his hands away.

He tries again, and again I swat at him, grumbling, “I don’t need any of your help, Zacharrine,”

But the nitwit just won’t listen and keep persisting until we have water splattered all over us. And as if to make matters more irritating, the stupid starts laughing like a maniac. I just stand there fuming. There are some serious loose screws in his head. He has gotten us both wet now. Even after noticing the blatant anger on my face, he continues to splash some more water onto me.

“Stop it,” I grit my teeth, “What the fu–,”

However, before I can curse him off, he grabs my shirt, pulling me towards him, and within a blinking second, he has his lips on mine.

And… he is kissing me.






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