Our FTB Family

Our FTB Family

Aug 07, 2023

Since Creative Director Andrew Jamieson's reinvention of Forget The Box in 2023, we have been a pro-bono organization from the top-down. Nobody has ever earned a dollar at Forget The Box, we do what we do because we love our city and it's electric arts scene. Our contributors, whom we lovingly refer to as our "FTB Family" have donated their time and energy to add to the ever-growing library of quality features and reviews on Forget The Box. Our Editor-In-Chief Dawn McSweeney leads an incredibly talented, and ever-growing, team of writers and artists eager to share their love of the Montreal arts community. Forget The Box recognizes the tireless work behind the site you see today, and our PRIMARY objective behind our inevitable incorporation is to raise the funds to compensate our family for their contributions.

Buying us a coffee, or a beer, will allow us the immediate ability to offer an honorarium to our FTB Family, increasing the overall coverage and quality of Forget The Box.

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