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Flow’s Four Corners Volume 6 – September 4, 2023

Sep 04, 2023

Flow’s Four Corners is a concept series focused on highlighting the four most impactful releases of the week through the eyes of Flow the Exec. With the world of curation feeling very much like wash, rinse, and repeat, I felt compelled to offer something that went deeper into the music. The more curators and curation become commodified, the more necessary a distinguished platform that can offer as much value to the artists as it does to the consumer becomes. Without further ado, here is Flow’s Four Corners Volume 6.

JHart – Father’s Son

It’s not often we hear songs detailing the relationship artists have with their fathers, so JHart making an ode to being his “Father’s Son” feels that much more precious. Backed by two talented, accomplished musicians in Dernst "D'Mile" Emile II and Jonny Price, this song is beautifully crafted. JHart uses this heartfelt ballad to depict a coming of age story of a young boy who eventually grows to become just like his father no matter how much he attempts to chart a path of his own.

This song expresses the conflicting emotions of a young kid "dressing up in hi mum's clothes" on a journey to learn himself with a seemingly traditional father offering up hard-to-swallow guidance who still wanted the best for his child. Surely, JHart is a queer man and still the lyrics are as fluidly relatable as the fashion choices of his younger self in the previous sentence. Brace your heart chakra as his powerful voice is going to toss and turn you into a flood of emotions that the lyrics will not allow you to avoid. With the D'Mile riding the high of two amazing albums ('An Evening with Silk Sonic' and 'JAGUAR II'), this upcoming album with JHart looks like it may be his musical "three-peat" after hearing this song. Embrace the opportunity to grow with an emerging talent who has made a name for himself with his songwriting and is showing signs he plans to become a household name as a lead artist.

Favorite line: “And sometimes what I got was not what I needed the most, but I've grown” – JHart

Ama Lou – I Came Home Late

Fall is right around the corner and Ama Lou’s ‘I Came Home Late’ is serving as the primer to signal the forthcoming shift from summertime shenanigans to the winter blues. If Henry "Shlohmo" Laufer handling most of the production on this project isn't enough to grab your attention, maybe Lou serving as Drake's inspiration will do the job. While this album is far from the traditional R&B you might expect to hear from a singer of Ama's caliber, the more adventurous approach she applies to her music still delivers the soul and depth we love from a more nostalgic rendition of the genre.

The songwriting on this project is metaphoric, and deeply personal. Song after song provides a voice to any and everyone who may be feeling afflicted by the emotions that come with a love that seems to be on its last leg, yet once appeared to be so promising. In an era where the masses promote packing it up and moving right along the minute any issue arises in a relationship, Ama is taking us through the throws of what it looks like to fight for your love without allowing yourself to be stepped all over. There is a great detail of emotional intelligence being displayed on this album. Songs like "Frustrated" where she sings "I'm so numb now, was so drained by you messing 'round; but I'll forgive myself more than you" in her opening lines are just a taste of how introspective the singer gets on these records. Ama Lou gave us a project that is sure to hold us over till the next time she is ready to release new music. Go press play and allow yourself to connect with a story that everyone can relate to.

Favorite song: “Silence” / “Patience” / “Be Well”


Lido shines bright with this ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ body of work. He’s closing in on 10 years since he first graced the music industry with his distinctive, ambient sound, and yet he seems to be more innovative than ever. If you ask me, this is one of the most seamless, easy-to-listen-to projects with massive replay value to drop since Tierra Whack released ‘Whack World’.

To give you an idea of how brilliant of a musician Lido is, he’s produced and/or written for the likes of Halsey, Mariah Carey, A$AP Rocky, Ella Mai, Ariana Grande, Chance The Rapper, BANKS, and even has executive production credit alongside the legendary Rick Rubin. ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ is a culmination of the type of music we need more of from today’s artists. Each record feels like an audio hug that speaks to the depths of your emotions without causing your mind to race too much. Plus, the rising talent that is Jordan Ward has three separate appearances on the project worth mentioning.

You like mesmerizing key arrangements? Fancy intricate harmonies? Ok, do you simply enjoy good music? Then, cut this project on and see if the words your eyes are reading are consistent with the music your ears hear.

Favorite song: “BUMPIN” / “AKSEL’S INTERLUDE”

Timbaland x Nelly Furtado x Justin Timberlake – Keep Going Up

Just when you thought Timbaland and Nelly Furtado peaked with the release of "Promiscuous" (2006), they "Keep Going Up" and even brought Justin Timberlake along for a brand new pop smash! Turns this record up and drown out the haters who want to act like your life isn't steadily improving. JT and Furtado mesh so well together on the hook, it makes me wonder why we haven’t heard more of them together. Nonetheless, the timing of this record feels even more special because each artist is iconic in their own right.

The signature Timbaland sound full of synths and elusive ad libs is all over the production of this record, and the all-star cast of co-producers listed include Edgar "SkipOnDaBeat" Ferrera, Last Trip to the Moon (Brandon Stewart, Brandon Cordoba, Khyelle Anthony, and Chris Gaspin), Justin Timberlake, Chris Gobey, and CVRS (whom I need to learn more about). Kenyon Dixon and Jordan Hollywood, two crooners who are just as revered behind the mic as they are for their writing, even lent their pen to the mix. Whether you're in the best of moods or the worst, turn this song on and watch you suddenly gain the power to get you back in your bag and keep going up.

Favorite line: “Still got the belt, don’t buckle under pressure” – Justin Timberlake

Listen to the playlist here or below. Click here to join me for a live first listen of Volume 7 exclusively on Amp next week!

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