Flow’s Four Corners Volume 5 – August 28 ...

Flow’s Four Corners Volume 5 – August 28, 2023

Aug 29, 2023

Flow’s Four Corners is a concept series focused on highlighting the four most impactful releases of the week through the eyes of Flow the Exec. With the world of curation feeling very much like wash, rinse, and repeat, I felt compelled to offer something that went deeper into the music. The more curators and curation become commodified, the more necessary a distinguished platform that can offer as much value to the artists as it does to the consumer becomes. Without further ado, here is Flow’s Four Corners Volume 5.

Chxrry22 – More

The amount of growth Chxrry22 displays on her latest single “More” signals that a full-length project is not too far away. Vocally, she gave a performance that can act as a sonic reel for all her voice is capable of. The first-lady of XO is on an upward trajectory that is hard to deny even if you don’t have your eye on Canada by now.

“More” has the potential of becoming the theme song for women who say they have more to offer the dating market than it has to offer them. Seeing as that demographic appears to be growing by the day, Chxrry22 has her finger on the pulse with this record. For a song to be filled with such romantic admonishments, it couldn’t sound anymore heavenly on the ears. Her harmonies will have you forgetting that the words should not bring about such joy. If she decided to drop a remix to this song, I would be so thrilled. My imagination is just racing thinking of the different contenders that are coming to mind. Can I make it any clearer that I want more of “More”? Turn it on and see if you don’t end up joining the bandwagon.

Favorite line: “Say you met your match, but I say you’re giving my ex” – Chxrry22

VIC MENSA – Blue Eyes

VIC MENSA wishes he had “Blue Eyes” on his new single full of unfiltered thoughts-turned-lyrics about the identity struggles faced by a Chicago kid born of a Ghanian father and a White American mother. Frankly, I have not heard a more transparent expression of what the biracial experience is like on wax to date. Nigerian powerhouse Uforo "Bongo ByTheWay" Ebong handles the production on this record so masterfully, creating the perfect canvas for MENSA to offer us a masterpiece of a record that will speak for so many.

For anyone who has ever wondered what it's like to be in the shoes of a Black-presenting biracial man in today's society, look no further. This song feels as powerful as B-Rabbit laying all his flaws bear in his battle-winning performance against Papa Doc in the motion picture '8 Mile' (2002). MENSA will be dropping his 'Victor' album next month and this release has me anticipating just how vulnerable he will get on the record. His talent is not up for debate, but we are still waiting for his breakout project since he hit the scene over a decade ago. If "Blue Eyes" is setting the bar for the forthcoming album, then this might be the moment we've all been waiting for from the artist. Open your heart as much as your ears when you press play on this one.

Favorite line: “I would stare at my parents and wonder why my appearance was different, used to wish I was white, would fantasize” – VIC MENSA

Fridayy – Fridayy

Fridayy’s self-titled debut album marks the start of a new era of music for the generations to come. The signature red balloon acts as the artist’s very own “bat signal” for him to save the day with music that inspires love, rawness, and growth in all who give it a fair listen. Opening up the record with “Came Too Far” featuring Maverick City Music and his very own mother, who closes out the song with a memento that inspires you as much as it almost brings you to tears, Fridayy is making sure the world knows he is savoring every moment of his blessings. The 14-song project – largely produced by longtime collaborator Karim "KVRIM" Esmail – plays like the soundtrack to a movie scored as beautifully as those of golden status from the 90s and early 2000s. So, don’t be surprised if you hear this brother’s music being used in a television show or film in the future.

The five features on the album appear to be very organic, yet surprising. Only two songs were released prior to the album dropped, which is very refreshing in today’s music climate. Blending the sounds of Afrobeats, R&B, Gospel, and Trap Soul, Fridayy is pioneering a genre all his own. After the run he’s been on just this year alone, I think it’s fair to say he will be here for a good time AND a long time providing beautiful music to our ears. Just when all hope seemed lost for wholesome records that are wedding and cookout appropriate being produced from this generation, ‘Fridayy’ saves the day. Good luck picking a favorite song from this album. The sequencing is so deliberate and well executed that skipping a song feels sacrilegious. Press play at your own risk and see if you don’t end up hooked.

Favorite song: “Done For Me” / “When It Comes To You”

Victoria Monét – JAGUAR II

Victoria Monét drops off the most compassionate album of the year with ‘JAGUAR II’. Executive production handled by 5-time-Grammy-award-winning Dernst "D'Mile" Emile II, he is clearly back to finish what he started with Silk Sonic’s ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic’. Three years and a baby since her last album, Ms. Monét still has not lost a step. Better yet, she’s taking flight.

For an album as good as this, 11 songs feels like not enough simply because you do not want it to end. However, each song feels just right and flows one into the other as smoothly as Victoria’s sultry vocals. As great as her songwriting has been for the likes of Ariana Grande, Brandy, and more, this album should serve as evidence that her writing best pairs with her singing the words. With the project light on features, she brought the iconic Earth, Wind, & Fire and international sensation Buju Banton into the fold as what will probably go down as one of the most versatile flexes of any album in 2023. I know I’m not alone when I say I hope she won’t take so long to release another body of work, but this album should hold us over for some time until then. The instrumentation and overall production on ‘JAGUAR II’ personally makes me happy that the trilogy has been cut down to a two-piece combo because this feels like the right way to end off this series. Prepare to be subdued by the vibrations from the speakers once you press play on this album.

Favorite song: “On My Mama” / “I’m The One”

Listen to the playlist here or below.

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