Visibility in Baltimore: The Web IS Diss ...

Visibility in Baltimore: The Web IS Dissolving

Jun 21, 2023

This is so good, and also SO in alignment with closing the doors on things like the Saturn being, who was very much at work here in Baltimore.

If you recall a few months back I started telling you about a dark web of energy that I had found in Baltimore that I was trying to figure out for years that was filled with souls. As you recall, it turned out that web was being contributed to by a very large web of Priests who were indecent. 156 of them (but it feels like more). As I told you in the story, the release of the Attorney General Report and full investigation into this that went on from 2019-April 2022 was a big deal to me figuring out what was going on here but way more importantly, to the energy of evil that was generated by these actions to start losing power. Psychopomp style, it means a lot for these souls who got harmed to get this validation.

Anyway. Since April when the report was released, there has been a massive shift here. The redacted names have been named by a local newspaper. People who were not decent to be in positions of authority are being removed. The statute of limitations on people reporting childhood harms has been removed. All kinds of good is happening as this energy shifts and the right thing is playing out.

It made me smile very much to see that this story had made CNN (as they usually ignore us) TW THIS DOES SPEAK ABOUT DIFFICULT SUBJECTS VERY BLATANTLY: Watch: Baltimore survivors detail child sex abuse by Catholic priests | CNN.

Visibility is so important. Validation is so important. Celebrating things finally starting to happen to disempower the bad people and to hopefully, keep others out of harms way are finally happening.


This type of energy was rampant here in USA cities and it IS related to what went on with the connection between the Saturn story and this land (Canada, too). Just a little (BIG) smile. This is very good to freeing a lot of people who were caught up. Very very good news.

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