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Trained by Earth: Psychopomp Stories ep 10

Apr 06, 2023

Have you ever wondered where I learned how to do all of this? I was trained as a psychopomp by the planet Earth, animals, and the Universe. In this instalment I talk about how these special teachers have guided me to figure out who I am and how all of this works.

Starting off in earnest shortly after having cancer, I first saw the truth in the trees. Ever since that moment it has been a gradual process of learning that animals could speak, that the Earth could teach us all how to heal our wounds, and that we were meant to be living together in harmony. Experiences like feeling Universal love for the first time changed me forever in that it showed me what Earth was meant to be. Hearing the voice of a crow guiding me on the right path and my cat Damien giving advice that worked also rocked my world. So too did realizing that we all have the capacity to tap into this wealth of knowledge, energy and connection. We are not alone and finally, I no longer felt that way.

In 2012, the training changed tone from learning how the Earth could heal me to how I could heal it. In 2016, I found myself standing in front of a gate to Atlantis knowing it was my job to close it. After a trip to the Rocky Mountains and being shown the Great Rift and that the Planet was in danger, I left my job as an anthropologist to do what I do now full time: the psychopomp bit.

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