Throwback: Healing Saturn since 2017

Throwback: Healing Saturn since 2017

Mar 17, 2023

Wow. I just came across an old facebook post that I had made, first at this time on 2017 whilst on the road to Vancouver Island, BC. The second, three years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia. In it, I talked about my very first adventure healing Saturn this lifetime. To be honest, there have been so many years pass that I had forgotten about it.

I wanted to share the post and the pictures. I also wanted to say this. The regions that I was writing about and traveling in are where the large unmarked graves of children presumed from residential schools were found. I knew what I was engaging at the time in that I knew that there had been mass death, I knew there was ritual sacrifice. I never expected that just a few years after these journeys they would be found. I also never expected I would STILL be working on this after all this time.

FLASHBACK 2020 and 2017

A few images recorded during my very first in person visit to Vancouver Island.

Closed some nests, sparked some crystals, and in my waking life (this lifetime) found out my very first things about Saturnalia human sacrifice as a real occurrence in Canada (and USA). Yes, it happened (happens) here. You can feel it in the soil. Those of you who have ever come to one of these spots know what I mean by that. This was not something 'old' or echoes from a long time ago. It was current and connected to Saturn.

I keep now realizing why these last three years were so extremely difficult. I kept going straight to where the sties were and setting beacons. I return to the Rockies, to the spot I lost everything, as soon as the travel restrictions lift. But hey, I think this time it will be a lot more regenerative than my cosmic reset explosion of May 2018. *That never actually happened. I wound up stuck in USA instead.*

A lot of people have given up a lot, have gone through a lot, have seen and had to experience a lot in the quiet. This is a time that the world is about to find out what we have been figuring out in silence. I know it is hard and scary and I feel compassion. I also truly feel we are in the process of the disclosure that is needed to shift this terrible system of imbalance that was once so powerful (and is now on the skids).

Here we are, at a time where many of us will also start coming out with our stories. This is a snapshot of mine. What looks like those fun pictures has often been accompanied with brutal discoveries, really sketchy energy, and some things that I cannot unsee or unfeel that had to be seen and felt.

End snapshot

Another step closer we go.

Interestingly, it is an image from this day that is the cover for this page.

Even more interestingly, it was these moments that I knew I had to give everything to becoming this Katie. So I did.

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