The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of ...

The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of Earth pt 2)

May 12, 2023

When Jesus came on the scene, things in the part of the world he was walking were grim. Molloch and Baal worship were commonplace, and in their honour so too were mass harming humanity practices such as human sacrifice. In this instalment, I talk about how Jesus came to show humanity the path to freedom. I argue that when we take the historical conditions that he was operating in into account, we can further appreciate the magnificence of what he was doing.

Working with historical examples of Baal and Molloch worship, I show how prevalent these beliefs came to be and what believing in them actually meant. This was a time where children were passed through flames for the 'benefit' of others. To be part of a religion meant to be part of the bloodshed. Jesus stood in defiance of that. One of the main teachings he offered is that we could know the TRUE God (Creator) through loving acts. Hurting one another and sacrifice were not necessary. In fact, they hurt all of humanity. To commit this act was an atrocity, not an invocation of good. This is why that false God tried to end Jesus through the crucifixion. (Good thing. Jesus lived and kept on going.) Today I tell the story of all of the reality Jesus Came to Shift.

Next instalment: I continue this Saga and describe when Jesus came to the Americas.

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