The Gates in Turkey and Syria + an Earth ...

The Gates in Turkey and Syria + an Earthquake = Closed to Evil

May 17, 2023

Hello, supporters and followers of the podcast and also, FRIENDS! This is a little post that contains more information about the 'Saga of Earth' themes.

One of the main things that I am telling you about in 'Saga of Earth' is how a being used the planet Saturn and a load of human sacrifice, sites, and invocations to gain relevance and control over this planet. I am telling this story now because we have, as of Saturn moving into Pisces, shut the door on some of the hardest parts of our healing and fixing journey.

In episodes 1 and 2, I have been telling you about Syria as one of the parts of the world that this alter false idol being was worshipped. Same for Turkey. In fact, these were hotbeds. Several months back, there was a sizable earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. When that Earthquake happened, it slammed shut a gate in that area that was being used by this being SHUT FOR GOOD.

I am sharing the 2 instalments of my other podcast 'Crow Medicine' where I talked about these Turkey Earthquakes and the evil they had shut the door on. They are a great example of how Earth shifting + astrology + ceremony can = BIG SUCCESSS. Planet Earth does not want this thing here any more than we do and is helping vex it in all ways possible. (Thanks Earth.)

Parts 1 and 2 are linked in this article:

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