Teenage Adventure: Developing Powers + M ...

Teenage Adventure: Developing Powers + Meeting the Dark Ones

Mar 30, 2023

What do Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Percy Jackson, and half of the cast of X-Men the original cartoon have in common? They are all tweens and teens who are in the process of discovering + figuring out their 'extra' abilities. Guess what? There really is something to this. Young people develop their intuitive senses and begin receiving more of their soul power around puberty. This is not just for movies. However, because we do not talk about it, we often leave the young people in our lives vulnerable to spiritual entities who hunt and attempt to gain power over them through astral manipulation and false promises.

All People Have Superpowers

All people have their own version of superpowers, and all people are meant to be developing the soul-body connection as they grow. The idea is that we are meant to receive ourselves over time. As a body develops in its hormone responses and a child makes it to puberty, that is one of the moments that the energy body and soul connection starts to flow more powerfully. The changes in temperament and interest and the rise in urges and feelings that we explain biologically also have an energetic component in that it is at these times of ‘physical maturation’ that we also experience spiritual changes. I think this is why people mark occasions like Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation.

My Coming of Age Story

I was born with my senses 'turned on', but they were not fully functioning. Like most children, as I got to 12, 13, 14 years, my energy body started coming online. This allowed me to have more direct connection with the Earth and my own soul energy for the first time. For me, this is where the magic in life started happening.

This is also where some of the danger and spiritual manipulation also first came up. You see, almost as soon as I hit that puberty age, I started getting visits from 'voices' that would try to influence me to do terrible things. After many years of saying 'no' to the voices, as I got to the age of 14 I made a big mistake. That mistake was choosing to adopt 2 mascots. An alien pen named Lucifer and a Zebra named Zeus. I was a naive 14 early teen at the time thinking these were just names. I thought I was being silly and having fun.


In those very few short months of associating with them, I lost all of my friends and got in the only trouble I have ever been in for my whole life. If there were ever a time I could have walked down a bad path, it would have been this right here.

Sound familiar? It could.

My experience was in no way unique. It is a common tactic for dark entities and energies to seek out unprepared young people and seek to gain spiritual influence over them as they step into their soul power. It is important to me to get this information out there to people. Voices in the astrals, promises of 'great things' if you go against your morals, and astral browbeating are not uncommon experiences. Let us take the power out of the hands of the takers by talking about it.

In this instalment, I tell you a bit about my coming of age story and what it was like to meet these things as a child.

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