Saturn Clearing Abound: The Report is Ou ...

Saturn Clearing Abound: The Report is Out

Apr 05, 2023

In my hands just now, I have gotten a copy of the report into abuse here in Baltimore at the hands of the Archdiocese.

For those of you who follow along with my astrology, which is all of you, you know that I am very excited about the movements we have been having out of the hard harmonic, false God Saturn. This is the person who was very much at play in infiltrating and hurting the Church, in my opinion. I have been tracing the roots of a specific form of Saturn worship from the beginning of the Church, and a second that got involved in the late 1400 in the name of the family Borgia (to give 2 of many examples). Old Magick had been placed on Jesus and Mary, and a lot had been done in their names to twist and distort humanity.

What happened here in Baltimore is an example of it. This was the home of Catholicism in the new world, and this is also a place that the Saturnian worship happened. What I could not understand before in the brutality, I do now. I have been a little quiet the last month as I have been studying and FINALLY fitting the pieces together. After so much research, trips, and so many years. YAY.

Right now, we have had a wave of healing going on through that line. The Report being released today signifies a big deal here in the New World. This taken along with other changes like the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery note, written by a Borgia Pope. The same one who wrote Malleus Malifacarum.

I have been working on a special for you, the supporters, on all of this. I know each of you has had to face this in your own way and life.


Now, off to read the report.

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