Saga of Earth pt 6: Dark Night of the So ...

Saga of Earth pt 6: Dark Night of the Soul and the Rebirth of Earth

Aug 21, 2023

Friends and supporters. I am so excited right now. I have just put a lid on our EXTENDED DOUBLE EPISODE final instalment of Saga of Earth. I called it "Dark night of the soul and planetary rebirth".

Planet Earth experienced a dark night of the soul in 2020-2023. During these years (as Saturn was in Capricorn) we went through all of the initiations. Key to this story is how we wound up experiencing the Covid years (which happened to fall in these alignments) as something of a collective dark night of the soul. Saturn square Uranus during 2021 were particularly difficult alignments leading us into moments where we had no choice but to see the imbalances and control in our society.

In this, the final instalment of the Saga of Earth series, I talk about how we met the false idol Saturn being, walked through hell on Earth, and are emerging victorious and more energetically free on the other side. In so doing, I am honest about the hardships. I also come with a celebratory tone for Earth and celebrate how Creator, the planets, and people making good choices helped walk us out of this. Tune in to hear about how x-flares, material world events, and planetary conjunctions marked key moments in all of this and clearly demonstrate the presence of our positive move forward.

Are we done healing? No, but we have come so far and for that we ALL deserve to be congratulated. As you have heard in some of my more excited receive yourself posts, the souls that were supposed to connect in 2020 and 2021 are finally on the move back to their people and this is all so very exciting.

A special thank you to each of you for supporting this project.

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Katie IndiCrow.

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