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My Disappearance Acts: Psychopomp Stories ep 4

Feb 11, 2023

A much better second telling of this story.

My life as a psychopomp has been all over the place. I have lived in 20 houses in the last 20 years, and through that engaged thousands of energies. The constants for me are: my husband, the call of the Universe, and figuring out what I have to do to answer it most safely and effectively. Sometimes, that has entailed doing things that were very hard for other people to understand. For the past decade or so especially, that has been most of the time. I am in one place for a second, then at another. When I am working on something dangerous, I become impossible to find. I disappear.

In this instalment, I talk about the two biggest disapearance acts. At one point in my life, I was a working social anthropologist. This was my life path until 2016, when I had to walk away without a word to anybody. Why? To do what I do now. The second major disappearance I made was recently. It entailed a long rest from a thriving social media presence and a large community. In both cases, as with all choices, I did what I had to do to serve my role in this Universe. I did it to stay true to Planet Earth. I did it to stay healthy and alive. Yes, it really was like that. 

So much so that for an entire year of my life, I recently had to go complete inner world, psychopomp walking ninja. To do that in a way that was safe for me and anybody around me, that meant I had to go away from the world that I had built around me. Almost completely. It was hard, sad, and challenging. But, it was what had to happen to make sure we stayed on the proper path of the planet.

These are the types of real life decisions I make in my pursuit of freedom and dignity for the souls of this planet. These are some of the most difficult moments where my integrity was tested.

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